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Welcome to Boomer Haiku!

We baby boomers aren’t getting older. We’re getting funnier. Smarter. More self-aware.

Sure, we’re dealing with serious stuff like aging bodies, retirement, losing parents, menopause, health concerns and the fact of our own mortality.

But sometimes it helps to not take it all so seriously. To find the humor in the crap we’re all facing as we move through life. To laugh at ourselves. And revel in what we have instead of ruing what we’ve lost.

Join the fun! Visit (or, better yet, subscribe) to the weekly Boomer Haiku blog, a light-hearted, often-irreverent look at life as a baby boomer.

New! Boomer Haiku greeting cards
And now you can share the irreverence with your friends with our new line of Boomer Haiku greeting cards.

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Finally…funny greeting cards about life as a boomer that laugh with you instead of at you – without defaulting to insulting stereotypes about aging. Check ’em out!

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