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‘Twas the month post-election…

December 12, 2016

To get myself in the holiday spirit (of resistance), I’ve written a new version of Clement Clarke Moore’s classic holiday poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas.” Mine’s a lot less Christmas-y but, given what’s happening in our country right now, I think it’s pretty timely.

No mice are stirring
but my activism sure
has been awakened.

A Visit from Trumplethinskin

‘Twas the month post-election and all through the House

Republicans were gloating, having retained their clout;

The Senate was thrilled with its majority, too,

But Trump’s winning the White House still had ‘em in a stew.

Will he work with us, they wondered, all snug in their beds,

While visions of repealing Obamacare danced in their heads

Along with gay rights, immigrant deportation,

Religious freedom and women’s liberation.

But across the U.S. there arose such a clatter,

Progressives began mobilizing to deal with these matters.

On Facebook, Pantsuit Nation grows to 4 million strong,

Giving love-trumps-hate believers a place to belong.

Legislators’ phones ring as we voice our opposition,

To the alt-right tenor of Trump’s cabinet composition.

The cast of Hamilton calls out homophobe Pence,

While the Cheeto-elect tweets in his Veep’s defense.

The comedy world keeps sending Trump zingers,

Poking fun at his foibles including short fingers.

But his ascension to the throne still looms ahead,

So we must keep protesting despite our great dread.

Now, Bernie! Now, Elizabeth! Now, Pelosi and Schumer!

Be our standard bearers against post-truth lies and rumor.

Help us speak out against hatred and greed,

And stand up for those who are truly in need.

Block attempts to gut Medicare by House Speaker Ryan,

And his claim that SSI’s insolvent—he’s out-and-out lyin’.

Don’t let the Senate confirm an ultra-right judge;

By whatever means, on this issue don’t budge.

Keep church and state separate, and shield the first amendment,

Protect people of color and the rights of their descendants.

Above all, preserve our country’s democracy,

And let there be no place for Trump’s hypocrisy.

An unflattering photo gets his knickers in a twist;

If only hate crimes in his name got him as pissed.

He claims that no one respects women more,

Yet brags about his grabbing pussy galore.

He mocks a reporter’s disability,

But his supporters don’t see that as a liability.

They all claim to be Jesus-loving Christians,

Yet by their actions subvert the tradition.

Instead of being drained, the swamp’s being restocked,

With a bunch of rich insiders whose appointments should be blocked.

Our incoming FLOTUS has exposed all her charms,

While Michelle was excoriated for just baring her arms.

Trump’s aim to reform education is a perversity,

Since he defrauded thousands with his fake university.

And his conflicts of interest grow increasingly brazen,

While the GOP’s lack of outrage is downright amazin’.

Emboldened white supremacists have the nerve to sieg heil,

As PEOTUS fails to denounce their behavior as vile.

It’s rigged, he whined, when he thought he was losing,

Now Dems want a recount and it’s a scam, he’s accusing.

Hacking by the Russians smacks of everything Putin-y,

But Congress has yet to impose any scrutiny.

He plans to stay involved with Celebrity Apprentice,

Is it just me, or does that sound totally demented?

So it’s up to us to hold Trump’s feet to the fire,

Before the situation grows even more dire.

We left-leaners must remain vigilant,

And render the Orange One impotent.

Oh, faithless electors, please make him go away;

Name the popular-vote winner our prez, we pray.

And hear us exclaim as we battle the alt-right:

Happy resistance to all, and to all a good fight!

So…what are you doing to make your voice heard post-election? Who’s going to Washington, DC on January 21—or to a local march?

As always, your comments are welcome—as long as you’re not a troll. In that case, your right to free speech ends where my moderated comments begin. So there.

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  • 48 thoughts on “‘Twas the month post-election…

    1. Nancy Mulvihill says:

      Bravo, Roxanne!
      I’m going to the march in Boston. I can’t believe this is really happening in what once was “our great nation.”

      My humorous way of dealing with this is to tell everyone to buy stock in Vodka….but there really is nothing funny about what we are witnessing.

      1. Roxanne says:

        You’re so right about there being nothing funny about what we’re witnessing–and it seems to get more deplorable with every passing day. I’d say buy stock in vodka, too–as long as it’s not Russian vodka!

    2. Wonderfully clever and on point. I love it!

      1. Roxanne says:

        Thanks so much, Walker. Unfortunately, the Orange One is providing a boatload of material…!

    3. Michelle says:

      I love this so much. Shared..Thanks, sister!

      1. Roxanne says:

        Thanks so much, Michelle!

    4. You, my friend, are a genius! I loved this. I want to get involved even though I can’t get to Washington. I’m going to try and find something local.

      1. Roxanne says:

        Thank you so much, Rena! I’m staying local, too.

    5. Haralee says:

      So clever and on mark Roxane. I am emailing my state senator and governor weekly expressing that they owe me their jobs and I am cashing in my chips, make my voice heard.

      1. Roxanne says:

        Good for you! Every email, phone call, fax and step count.

    6. Joyce Bessen says:

      An awesome poem and I agree completely with your politics. Cross fingers for the electoral college to reject Putin’s candidate.

      1. Roxanne says:

        Thank you, Joyce! Yes, let’s hope the Putin-approved candidate goes far, far away!

    7. GREAT poem Roxanne! I think you brought up every single questionable thing that needs to be questioned in these times. Thom and I both are going to the Women’s March in LA. Are you going to be here in the desert then. You should go there too! ~Kathy

      1. Roxanne says:

        Thanks, Kathy! I’ll be here in Maine in January and there’s a march in Augusta (our state capital) that I’m planning to be part of. We’ll be in the desert in late February/early March–hope to see you and Thom then!

    8. Mike Parent says:

      Really, really clever, Rox. Seems you might have missed your calling as a poet

      1. Roxanne says:

        Why, thank you, Mike! I have to admit it’s more fun than writing about various diseases…:-) I appreciate your comment!

    9. Mona Andrei says:

      A true poet spirit! Love it 🙂

      1. Roxanne says:

        Thank you, Mona! ‘Tis the season!

    10. Sheena says:

      Loooved the poem! Expressed all I agree and feel. Feeling so unhappy at each and every development with the president elect. I have signed petitions, donated and emailed Congress and others. Now I’m trying to drink wine and concentrate on Xmas and the kids and grandkids. I really can’t believe it is happening. Maybe the electoral college will save the day, or the CIA.
      Great post, Roxanne!

      1. Roxanne says:

        Thank you, Sheena. Thank heaven for wine, huh? And thank you for doing all you can.

    11. margaret says:

      Roxanne! Thank you so much for such outstanding, clever words of wisdom. I do not know how you do it. I look forward to Monday every week! Each one gets better and better.

      1. Roxanne says:

        I so appreciate your comment, Margie–thank you!

    12. Teri says:

      Love this, Roxanne. You should submit your “words of art” to other blogs, sites, face book, etc. Fabulous wit and wisdom. Yes, I am going to be marching in DC. Boston also has a march planned. We are in CA right now….nice to be with many like minded.
      Happy holidays to you n hubs!! Talk soon. Teri

      1. Roxanne says:

        Thanks, Teri! Enjoy the warmth and like-mindedness of the left coast…talk to you when you return.

    13. JoAnne Eschweiler says:

      Excellent poem!!! You artfully described every vile issue in our political climate right now. You amaze me with your skill, Sis!

      1. Roxanne says:

        I’m just sorry there are so many vile issues to write about! But thanks for your comment here, Sis–you know I appreciate it! Talk soon. XOXO

    14. Marianne says:

      Every time I read or heard his name I replaced it in my mind with “The minority president elect.” The repetition is working. Now I hear “The minority president” has …… It may be a small consolation but it makes me feel better. Wouldn’t it be great if his name was never spoken out loud, but this phrase was used instead?

      1. Roxanne says:

        It would make us feel better (sort of) and piss him off to no end, I’d wager! I just wish we could refer to him as “the former president-elect who never took office because he was voted out in a do-over election.” Or he got abducted by aliens. Or something. Thanks for joining the conversation, Marianne!

    15. Lynn Reiner says:

      I’m in Seattle with my new grand baby and his two year old brother so I didn’t get to read your blog yesterday. What a great rendition to a special poem. You hit the nail on the head as the saying goes. I look forward to your blog every week. Keep up the great work!

      1. Roxanne says:

        Congratulations on the new grand baby!!! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on the blog this week–I’m sure you’ve all got your hands full–but what joy! Enjoy your visit, Lynn!

    16. Elaine Boatin says:

      Yes, we all have to resist. But it’s like fighting the many-headed Hydra. Trump’s strategy is to do so many outrageous things all at once that we’re dizzy and disarmed. He’s not as dumb as he looks, unfortunately.

      1. Roxanne says:

        Good characterization of the Trump monster (with equally bad hair). But I have to believe that, collectively, we’re all smarter (despite his protestations to the contrary). Thanks for commenting, Elaine!

        1. Elaine Boatin says:

          The problem is that most of the Republicans in Congress have caved, because he’s busy furthering their agenda of enriching the rich and screwing the rest of us. I’m very disappointed that the Democrats in power did not immediately send an army of smart lawyers to protest the election results, as Bush did after his “election.” If only Obama weren’t so civilized and the Democrats didn’t so fear being accused of sour grapes. There certainly has been what to litigate, but it’s too late now.

          1. Roxanne says:

            I agree with your assessment of what has gone/is going on, and I so hope that it’s not too late for the Democrats to grow a set and fight back. The Republicans deserve a taste of their own medicine.

    17. Elaine Boatin says:

      Headline in the NY Times this morning: “Against Trump, Democrats Prepare G.O.P. tactic: Lawsuits.”

      1. Roxanne says:


    18. He inspired you. Which may be the only time he inspires us. Oh I hate this situation!

      1. Roxanne says:

        Oh, I’m with you, Carol!

    19. Oh Roxanne,
      So well done…and yet still so scary. I’m quite sure he will be our next president..but boy would I be grateful if I’m wrong. In any event…we Pantsuit Nationers have begun and will not stop…you wanna’ see organizing well now you will!

      1. Roxanne says:

        I hear you, Cathy. We have to keep banding together and speaking out as loudly as we can. So glad for PSN!

      1. Roxanne says:

        Thanks, Sue!

    20. Clever as can be! Love it, Roxanne! Thanks for the grins (and groans, as so much is just plain TRUTH!).

      1. Roxanne says:

        Lots of groans, I’m afraid! Thank you, Lisa.

    21. Love it! The Cheeto Elect is a perfect way to describe him

      1. Roxanne says:

        Thank you, Tam. It’s nice to “see” you here.

    22. That’s excellent and I am so with you. I love your piece but can no longer find any humor in what’s going on in the world. This election has been devastating.

      1. Roxanne says:

        So much of what has transpired during and after the election is simply beyond the pale. I try to find the absurdity–and don’t have to look too hard to do so. It has been devastating. And we must hang together.

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