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‘Twas the month post-election…

December 12, 2016

To get myself in the holiday spirit (of resistance), I’ve written a new version of Clement Clarke Moore’s classic holiday poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas.” Mine’s a lot less Christmas-y but, given what’s happening in our country right…Read the full article

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs redefined for baby boomers

December 5, 2016

Do you remember learning about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Abraham Maslow was a psychologist whose thinking was pretty original for his time (1908 – 1970). Before then, most psychology had focused on the abnormal; he, on the other hand,…Read the full article

7 studies to make you wonder where scientists’ heads are

November 28, 2016

Okay, all you climate change doubters and intelligent design believers: I get it. I understand why sometimes it’s hard to take science seriously. Well, not really…I just wanted to reel you in with a little empathy. But the truth…Read the full article

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

November 21, 2016

I’ve been feeling pretty powerless after the presidential election. So with the magical thinking and emotional intelligence of a four-year-old (kind of like our president-elect), I got to fantasizing about what if I had a superpower (or ten) to…Read the full article

Why are (some) men so scared of women?

November 14, 2016

As a baby boomer who came of age in the sixties and seventies, I thought we’d come a hell of a lot further when it comes to what we referred to as “women’s liberation.” But the crap that emerged…Read the full article

Do you suffer from age-related asshat allergy syndrome?

November 7, 2016

I appear to have developed some later-in-life allergies. These aren’t the typical allergic reactions—like sneezing and itchy eyes—to things like pollen, dust or animal dander. Instead, I’m having reactions to a variety of behaviors I encounter. It’s a condition…Read the full article

It’s Plan Your Epitaph Day!

October 31, 2016

Here’s a cheery thought for Halloween: We’re all gonna die. I suppose there’s a less in-your-face way of saying it, but for most of us baby boomers, the reality is that there are simply more days behind us than…Read the full article

Can you suspend your disbelief in these situations?

October 24, 2016

You’re familiar with the phrase “suspension of disbelief,” right? It was actually coined in 1817 by poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. He suggested that if an author could weave “human interest and a semblance of truth” into even the most…Read the full article

Baby boomer pet parents unleash their purse strings

October 17, 2016

Think about this: There are more than 75 million baby boomers in the U.S., and we control about 70% of the country’s disposable income. We also make up a significant portion of pet parents: Nearly 80 million U.S. households…Read the full article

A baby boomer ponders politics, science and stupidity

October 10, 2016

Based on science, Donald Trump is three kinds of stupid. Now, for any Trump supporters who may be reading this, please don’t shoot the messenger. I’m merely extrapolating the findings of a 2015 study conducted by researchers from the…Read the full article

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